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The antithesis of feminist victim culture and hate ideology.
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Slogan Condividere conoscenze senza pregiudizi femminista
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WikiMANNia (MRA Wiki) è una base di conoscenza per quanto riguarda favoritismi verso le donne e la discriminazione contro gli uomini in politica, le leggi e la società.

Imagine a world in which every free man can share knowledge without feminist lies. That's our aim. — WikiMANNia Vision Statement.
Immaginate un mondo in cui ogni uomo libero può condividere la conoscenza senza bugie femministe. Questo è il nostro obiettivo. — WikiMANNia Vision Statement.

Obiettivo di WikiMANNia è quello di essere una libreria completa di problemi degli uomini, antifemminismo , il movimento maschile e critiche al femminismo. E 'dedicata a tutti coloro che si difende contro queste ingiustizie sono usando un argomento.

Storia della lingua tedesca WikiMANNia

After an outspoken self-declared profeminist and radical leftist user of the German Wikipedia had caused the deletion of the article "Masculism"[1], around the end of 2008 there were some discussions in the German forum WGvdL. The Utente Rainer made the proposal to create an own Wiki. In collaboration with the Utente Mars, the site WikiMANNia was launched on January 18th 2009; the first article was Masculism. Two years later, 400 articolo had been created in the German WikiMANNia.[2] In May the number went up to 450, in June to 500, in July to 550, in August to 650, in September to 700, in October to 750, in November to 800, in December to 850 articolo.[3] 2012 increased to 900 in January, 950 in February, 1000 in March, 1050 in April, 1150 in August, 1200 in October, 1250 in November and 1300 in December.[4] 2013 increased to 1350 in February, 1400 in April, 1450 in July and 1500 in August.[5] The current inventory in january 2014 is about 1800 items (in German).

Dal 1° agosto 2011 il WikiMANNia inglese è aperto.

Storia della lingua italiana WikiMANNia

Dal 1° gennaio 2012 il WikiMANNia italiana è aperto.

Linee guida e gli obiettivi del progetto

WikiMANNia to counteract the feminist bias, which leavens the company with a world view in which only female victims and male perpetrators are being spoken in the only disadvantage of women and male privileges, but never of favoritism towards women and discrimination against men.

WikiMANNia wants the family destroying family policy and industry helper document.

WikiMANNia keeps in Wikipedia (see Wikipedia criticism intended) "neutral position" in an open project with anonymous authors as illusory. Gives an objective account of it only for "certain knowledge", which means out in a review of a certain temporal distance and emotional quiet approach. Topics for the current discourse, as the need for an objective description of distance did not produce. It would only be a "bogus neutrality" out of it and looks like something that you can record on the items as men's rights movement observed in german Wikipedia.

Through the institutionalization of feminism (aka state feminism) feminist positions are over-represented in society. WikiMANNia sets the - in the tradition that every thesis to the antithesis demands - against a decidedly anti-feminist position. The Pseudo-Science Gender Studies, Woman Studies, Queer Studies are represented as pseudo-scientific posturing that bring no gain in knowledge, but only ideological propaganda.

WikiMANNia sets the often exaggerated representation in verschienene weblogs answer a factual unhurried counterpoint. In the vast number of articolo are written in an objective language, but a few terms beyond a too-serious presentation, so occasionally deviating also humorous and satirical articolo are found.


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