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  • Sharing knowledge free of feminist indoctrination.
    L'antitesi alla cultura femminista delle vittime e all'ideologia dell'odio.
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This is the WikiMANNia bus stop. You are now in the Italian-speaking part of the Wiki World. This Wiki is building a free online encyclopedia[wp] for a worldwide antifeminism movement. WikiMANNia deals with favoritism towards women and discrimination against men, with feminist myths and antifeminist facts. Currently, there are 55 articles available.

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Main Page
The Main Page of WikiMANNia presents a first overview. You can find further details about this project in the article WikiMANNia. All the categories created in WikiMANNia are examinable there.
Community portal
The Community portal presents an overview of all articles from A to Z.
The Portal Family covers one of the main targets of feminism, the Family.
Family law
The Portal Family law covers the legal basics of the destruction of family (Familienzerstörung).
False accusations
The Portale False accusations covers the phenomena of false rape accusation and child abuse.
Critique on Feminism
The Portale Critique on Feminism presents an overview of critique on Feminism and Genderism, and antifeminist topics.
Men's movement
The Portale Men's movement presents a (mostly German, at the moment) overview of the Men's movement.
The Portal Persons presents an overview of all articles about persons.
The Portal Politics covers political topics, parties and Politicians.